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Sunday, July 18, 2010

700 ++ and many more to come (:

Pernah tak korang tengok satu gambar budak biasa , yang takde pangkat darjat , yang duduk pun dekat pelusuk dunia entah mana mana , yang photo comment dia mencecah TUJUH RATUS ENAM PULUH ENAM , buat masa ni . Aku tahu , there's many more to come . Punca comment banyak macam tu , aku malas nak bagitahu . Tapi for sure aku dah malas nak layan dah . So please , there's no winners and no losers . There's no difference between them and us . Lets just leave them alone , my dear brothers and sisters . Let them fuck their own life and lets throw a party showing them how awesome we are ! HAHA . That's it . I had enough . Let they live their pathetic life . And let them do things they wanna do . We wont bother . They are a piece of shit and that's for sure . I know you are agreeing , love (;


  1. Haha.. that means that d pict is popular then their pict.. at least pict bdk nak up pun dah 775 dah cmmnt..drpd dorg, ntah 2 je..heheh LOSERS act like a LOSERS :)) & please please please, act like u hav a brain.. :) cuz they r talking with d pple who really uses their brain.. :)) now, kite xyah la lyn ngn bdk2 cm 2.. bdk cm 2 xtgk dunia luar lagi..2 sbbnye..:)We as d perfect pple should juz let them b as stupid as they wanna b :))

  2. Like i said , let them fuck their own life :)