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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Truth or dare?

It has been a while. Well, hello.

Someone asked me to write an entry about him. I did, in fact, wrote an entry about him. But I posted it into my other blog, which is private. I'm sorry.

It's a month away from my birthday. But hey, who's counting? I DO. Well, I'm not expecting much but to have a brand new smartphone. I mean, come one. It's about time. But no, I'm not expecting for people to give me that. I'm not that kind of person, I think. I will earn money myself. I'll work for it. 

Well, yeah. I'm still in the process of "flatting my tummy" and "making my thigh, arm and boobs looks slightly a little bit (or more) smaller". But I know it's impossible. I'm just very sick and tired of people, making fun of me. It's. Just. ERGH. VERY RUDE.

I will be doing my intern well about two months from now. I'm not ready. No seriously. I'm scared. I'm scared of what might happen. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. BISMILLAHI RAHMANURRAHIM

For that person who has been asking me to write an entry about him, this is for you;

"You came into my life and helped me through my agony. You were really such a nice boy. Until one day, you proposed. Of course, I say 'No' at first but then again I started to like you. Months has gone and I finally accepted you. I finally feel almost as happy as I was with my previous boyfriend. Almost. I thanked Allah for sending you. I can see you clearly loves me for who I am. You accepted my flaws. You can, why can't I?

You came with the intention of mending my broken heart, and you have succeeded. Congratulations. I'm sorry for being such a jerk throughout our relationship. I'll try to hang on as long as I can, as long as we're together. I'll do my part and I hope you do your part to. I really hope this is my last love story. I love you."

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