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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where's the sense of humanity in a human nowadays?


October 14th 2 year old toddler Wang Yue walks out of her parents shop and crosses the road. She doesn’t realise a van approaching her. The van is driving at a moderate speed but when the van draws closer to the girl, it doesn’t stop but drives right over her. As the front wheel runs over her body the driver realises that he had run over the girl. After a moment of hesitation, the driver continues, crushing the girl with the back wheel as well. Yue Yue is left on the streets bleeding, at this stage she is still alive and moving. 3 pedestrians walk past her but yet no one is willing to stop to help the poor little girl. Another van drives past and runs over her body the second time. 18 pedestrians walk past her but still, no one helps her. Finally a women picking up trash sees her and drags her to the side of the road. She calls for help and the girls mother runs out. Yue Yue is finally rescued after 10 minutes and 18 witnesses.

Wang Yue died in hospital on 21st of October due to organ failure. The drivers of the vans have been arrested but both claim that it was dark and they couldn’t see where they were going although both of their headlights had been turned off. If one of the 3 first witnesses had a heart to just even call the ambulance, Wang Yue probably wouldn’t be where she is now. It makes me wonder where people’s hearts are these days. If you saw a toddler bleeding to death on the middle of the road would you just pretended like you saw nothing?

Rest in Peace beautiful Wang Yue. You only had 2 years in this world before your life was taken away from you. I hope that where you are now is way better than this messed up society that we live in. I hope that this tragedy will be a wakeup call for those heartless people out there. Us humanity needs to start caring for each other again. This incident should never be forgotten. Wang Yue exposed us to the sad reality of the 21st century and we need to learn from this. Sweetheart, you’ll forever be in our hearts.

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