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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Again ,

Saya tertanya tanya , kenapalah perlu untuk seseorang bertanya , " Paper tadi macam mana ? " , " Exam tadi okay ? " . Ya Allah , people . First , please mind your own business . And second , pleeeeeeeeeease please please please please let bygones be bygones . Bengang betul aku dengar soalan soalan macam tu . Baran sungguh -,-

I fucked up in Additional Mathematics . And I will do the same in Physics tomorrow . Paper one je aku tunggu sampai masa tamat sebab aku nak kertas soalan . Nak buat apa aku tak tahu , tapi aku nak . Paper two dengan paper three , selamat tinggal lah . Selamat jalan . Tak akan aku tunggu sampai habis masa .


*2010 is finally coming to an end . I made friends , lost some , gained respect and also have lost it along the way , laughed at all the good memories and cried at my worst , captured those kodak moments and burned those unforgettable ones . Now its time to turn over a new leaf and welcome 2011 with a set of new year resolutions .

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