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Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby I love you & I'll never let you go

But if I had to , hmm I think that you should know , all the love we made can never be erased and I promise you that you will never be replace ):

Baby , I am totally fucking sad ohh . Why do you have to leave me ? I need you . Truly am . I need you like a heart needs a beat . I'll miss you , my baby . Trust me , YOU CAN NEVER BE REPLACE ):

I bet those readers will be fucking curious . Okay , this leaving thing happened on 15th August 2009 when I was at Redang Island . I was like fucking sad . I felt like crying . I cant stop thinking of it .

Peeps , please dont get it wrong . I am not talking bout boyfriend or whatever . I'm talking bout other thing . Here , let me show you a picture of the thing .

Yeah , thats it . Fucking sad dohh , Dia boleh jatuh then pecah ! Bro Shahimi Yang boleh TERjaga dari tidur , tanya apa benda yang jatuh tu . )':

My dad didnt know this thing happened . I bet he'll be angry if he knows it . I'm scare to tell him .

I wish I can buy the new one . But I dont have any money . Hmm , Macam mana nak simpan duit ? Nak beli MP4 RM1,299.00 . Nak beli ni berapa ringgit lagi ? Dah la takde duit . Sumpah sedih gilaaaaa ):

TOLONGLAH , sesiapa . TOLONG BAGITAHU AKU MACAM MANA NAK SIMPAN DUIT . Aku nak cara yang berkesan dan cepat ! Seriously I need a lot of money right now ):


  1. Dia longgar then bila bukak cap tuh dia jatuh pecah ! )':