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Thursday, June 04, 2009


Now is already 4.25 in the morning and I still can't sleep .

Actually , the reason why I am writing now is about Zulhaiqal Zulhisam . Adoyyaiiii . He's such a bullshit la . Dulu when I was like "suka" dia , he treated me like stupid ! And now , he wants me back ? Oh damn shit ! I can't believe it . Is this for real ?

Zulhaiqal , well obviously , I still likes you , A LOT ! You're cute , man . But you're such a bullshit . I can't stand it . You treat girls just like you treat your girl , dude . And to be honest , you've hurt me so many times when I'm with you . That's why I dump you , dumbdumb .

I miss you . Yes I miss you . Herghhh . I'm afraid you'll do the same thing as you did to me before , babe . SORRY .

* p/s : You're still cute and I like you .

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