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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Well this is something personal.

You took away my smile. You took away my dreams. You took away my happiness. You took away my love. You took away my everything.

You were always gonna be my love and you should know even if I fall in love with somebody else, I'll remember to love you taught me how. You were always gonna be the one and for now, I'll still be singing this one love song for somebody like you, my first love.

Time after time, I tried to forget our life together but the memories are so so hard to let go. Tomorrow the time will be the same as today, trying to hold back the tears when I'm thinking of you. All I want is to be with you once more.

You will always be inside my heart and you should know that I wish that I could ever let you go. I know that I love you now and forever.

I found a poem that I wrote back when we were together on 2009. Wow. Just wow. I cant't believe I wrote that, but yeah. I did. So... Hm. I won't publish it here because, well, it's too public. And it will be a huge embarrassment for me you see.

I miss you, starshine. I really do. :'

*P/s: Tears are poured, every fucking night.

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