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Sunday, January 01, 2012


The pain of losing someone truly close to you eventually will fade. But the memories are forever. I think the one that hits us the most is the fact that we know they won’t be coming back. That’s what breaks me down the most. And the memories, the memories just make it all worse. there won’t be another smile like theirs. There won’t be another laugh like theirs, there won’t be another time where we can reminisce about the good times. We’re just left lonely with a feeling of debt to them. Wishing we could have done whatever could’ve helped to keep that person here. But it is going to happen. We can’t hide or run away from it. It’s apart of the circle of life. I know losing someone is hard, but we should feel glad that we got to be apart of their life. Out of all the people in the world it was you who they got to spend their life with. That is something i’ll always keep in mind. Something i’ll forever cherish.

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