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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Believe it or not

Today is gonna be a great history for me. Y'all know why? Because THE Cody Simpson follows me on Twitter! Fuck yeah, baby! Y'all don't believe me? Well, I got proof. See,

Heck yeah I tweeted bout it right after I noticed it. Well, what am I supposed to do then if not tweet it? Duuuuh~

Lovya, man. Hihi :3 And for those who still didn't believe this, you can always go to my twitter account @tyraalan_ or click that Twitter button on the right side theree --------> and check it out yourself. I'm telling you the truth. There's no point though for me to lie.

Oh and btw, THE Anwar Hadi replied my tweet too today. Oh what a nice day today's gonna be :3

*P/s: You guys can click on Cody's name and Anwar Hadi's name to go to their Twitter account.

Lots of love, ME. (:

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