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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Dah tekad nekad lekat ni ,


Dah dah . Whatever happens in 2010 , stays in 2010 . Let's just start a new beginning . Lepas ni saya pakai number Celcom sahaja . Dah malas lah nak pakai Maxis . Sesiapa yang tiada number Celcom saya , kalau nak mintak lah saya . Kalau taknak takpe . Kbye

Esok saya akan memulakan sesi cari kerja di area area KL . Weh mintak mintak la dapat dohh . Sumpah desperate nak kerja ni . Duit dalam bank dah kering gila doh . Dah takde makna nak have fun lagi dah . Duit takde , nak have fun gapo ? Tambah tension je .

Oh yeah , there's a quote saying ' Some people will always hate you , no matter what " . I've got to admit it , it's true . Well , let's just face the fact that there's no one on earth would wanna please everyone . And hell yeah , baby . IDGASFD , deal with it . If you hate me , well , get in a queue , sunshine . You may wait for me to give a damn like forever , because I never did and never will give a damn to any of this shit . Just sayin' . Just sayin' :D

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