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Saturday, October 02, 2010

I just can't get enough

Just to make it clear . Missing you and wanting you to be there whenever I misses you is two different things . Yes , I do miss you . But no , I do not want you to be there whenever I misses you . Understood ?

Oh yeah , hello dream world ;)
I wonder why there's HELL in HELLOs and GOOD in GOODBYEs

Hey , it's 2.21 AM now and I am still not asleep . My house is full with my parents mates . There's like seven or more . Dont wanna make complaint bout that , for sure :)

Okay so , I've called Nikon Centre . They said if I want to get my camera repaired , I have to pay another THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY RINGGIT for whatever reason the gave me . And I was like , whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut ? I've paid like four hundred ringgit before , and you still did not get my camera repaired and now you want me to pay you another three hundred and twenty ringgit ? So for some not-so-strange reason , I agreed to pay . What more can I do , man ? Things that need to be done got to be done .

I dont know what else to write here . And I dont know why am I writing this entry in English ? Oh dear , seriously . Why ? o.O

Oh yeah , I'm sick . I've mentioned that before , ayte ? I'm sick and I can hardly sleep . My head are throbbing and I feel like I wanna puke . But when I went to the bathroom , I did not puke . Oh I hate this -,-' Yeah , baby . I am sick and I do not show people that I'm sick . Because for me , showing people that we're sick means showing people that we're weak . And I am not gonna let that happen :)

It's already three o'clock in the morning . I better stop now . Bye ,

Please dont ask me why does this entry is fully English because , I dont know how to answer it . How would I answer it when I am asking myself the same question ? Make sense , right ? o.O

Okay bye ,


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