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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I wish everything were back to normal !

Nak tunggu rambut panjang balik . Nak rambut panjang balik . Agak agak berapa lama ? Tolonglah panjang macam sebelum ni sebelum bulan dua belas . Rindu rambut sebelum ni :'(

Macam macam saya nak sekarang .

If I've got money , I've got everything . Bikinis , cutexes , new Blackberry , get baby Niko repaired , a new partners in crime for my baby Niko , new makeups , new outfits , new jeans , new bras , new panties , new shades , new shoes , new flipflops , new handbags , a guitar stand , new swimsuit , bought my mom and dad something special , nought me a drop dead gorgeous vespa , bought a flight ticket to somewhere I can be alone ( Australia maybe ? ) ,went to a dance class , bought myself a new laptop , new MP4 , went to a hair saloon and get my bloody damn hair fixed . I've got everything that I've wanted and I needed . I just need a lot of cash now . That is all

Woles !

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