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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ya Allah . Tak dinafikan , aku makin lama makin tak kuat . Aku perlukan kekuatan untuk terus hidup . Oh man ! I miss my old life . Okay , doesnt mean I didnt like life that I'm living now . Its just that , Ergh . Its complicated . I've suffer enough for such a long time . But who cares ?

' Let bygone be bygone ' This is what I said to almost every people who shares their secrets with me . And yes , I do mean it . But how can I let someone who I care the most to someone who hates me so much ? I dont care if the person is hating . What I care is only bout the people who I care the most . *cakap macam keling -.-'* I cant stop thinking bout this . If only I knew how to make things back to normal .

I forgive but I dont forget . Its hard to live a life like this you know . Okay , tell me how to forget things that we dont like ? Its very hard , okay . Nobody understands my situation here . Not even me , -.-' I dont even know why and how this bloody thing happened . Oh how I wish I can go back to the old time and make every things the way it should be . Not like this .

Things happen for a reason . But what is the reason ? I should lie ? Or I should die ? I want to know the reason . Well perhaps , one day I will . I dont wanna tell lies . Especially to the one I loved . No , never .

I'm hurt . HURT AND SUFFER . Hm , I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of all of this .

I want to let go , but I just couldn't . I'm sorry , )': Forgive me ? Please ?


  1. masalah2.
    problem macam ni susah sket owh.

  2. kenapa ny?
    tana share nan alya ?
    tamaulahh cmtu ohh.


  3. Kakak , if you think your problem (s) is totally bringing you a bad headache . Then you're wrong ! Because mine is worst . But unfortunately , I tak reti nak luahkan dekat orangg . Dah biasa sangat hidup sendiri jee . )';

    Alya , biasalah babe . Masalah (: Imy oh

  4. nevermind okayy.
    life must move onn.rite ?
    Imy tooo =)

    btw aku pun biasa sorang2.
    tu sbb ade blog ny.
    place like my diary.kan.kan ?
    hahahh =)