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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tak boleh laaaa , tak faham ke ?

Seriously , tak bolehh . Apa yang tak boleh ? Aku tak boleh terima semua ni lagi . Aku dah banyak bersabar . Hati aku ni dah retak , punah , hancur , berkecai menjadi seribu serpihan . Serpihan yang kini menjadi habuk , yang mengotori jasad . Eh , asal ayat aku macam ni ? -.-'

Hm , like I said , a woman heart is a deep ocean of secrets - well at least mine is . There's thousands of secrets in my heart , and no one knows it . Eh , dah nama pun secrets , takkan la ada orang tahu pulak ? Tak nama secret la kalau macam tuh . And I want to keep it that way .

A lot of things happened in my life . I aint gonna regret it . All things happened for a reason . I act like nothing happened . I lied . I pretend to be strong , even though I know that I'm not . I attempt to laugh , I attempt to smile . I've tried my best to do every single thing that I did . And I'm sorry if I've failed .

Things won't be okay . And I guess I have to face it , alone . With no one by my side , no one's backing me up - no one . Just me , myself and I . And so , my heart will go on , and on till my last breath .

Thanks a lot , people . For not being there when I need you . I really do appreciate it , a lot . You make me strong , every time I need you , and every time you're gone .

So long , and good bye , people .

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