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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Long-distance Relationship

Oh come on , how hard it can be ? It's not that hard . (:

Okay I'm lying . It is hard . Long-distance relationship kills . *Not really actually*

Long-distance relationship can be very daunting for many people , and the simple words " long-distance " may in fact put some people off even attempting such a relationship . A long-distance relationship will only be successful for the strongest of people .

A long-distance relationship is not a lot different to a relationship you have with a loved one who happens to live in the same town or city as you . It is simply just a distance factor which makes the difference .

People who are having a long-distance relationship are easily misses their couples . I admit it . I do , easily . As easy as you thought , as easy as ABC .

Long-distance relationship is all about a balanced relationship between partners ; a relationship built on strong foundations of trust , understanding and determination to make it work . The two partners should be reasonable about their expectations and willing to cooperate so that this relationship can lead to a happy ending . If these parameters are taken care of , you have nothing to worry about . But don't forget to ask some questions because if you don't , your partner may start to think that you're losing interest .

A long-distance relationship is no different from a proximal relationship in that they both require a great deal of work , excellent communication , patience , sacrifice and understanding . But you will have to work extra hard to maintain the communication and to stay focused enough to not let your daily life interfere with your desire to be with the other person . Don't forget them or you can forget the relationship and it will all be over .

Every kind of relationship takes hard work and dedication to your loved one or partner , whether it's long distance or proximal . Long distance relationships are not for the faint of heart . They can be very trying - but so can proximal relationships .

Long distance relationships are difficult , as you are emotionally attached to a person you cannot touch or comfort and this can hurt your heart and wreak havoc with your emotions . The only way to make these relationships work is if you and your partner honestly believe you will be able to survive without each other for a considerable amount of time without the need or desire to be with someone else .

The only way how to contact our long-distance relationship partners is through internet or probably by texting or calling through cell phones . Oh gosh , I would like to thank MySpace for that . Haha ,

*Wow ! Internet does helps , a lot ! :DD


  1. long-distance relationship..
    quite interesting..


  2. Eleh ! Lu suka orang jauh jugakkkkkkk . Kannn ? c(: