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Saturday, August 22, 2009

22th August 2009

Words that are currently playing in my mind today :
  1. If and only if you understands me ):
  2. Sorry , I'm not in the mood for shopping
  3. Tension !
  4. Gosh , I need somebody that truly understands me well ):
  5. Keep your money ! I don't want any
  6. I can and I will buy it with my own money , *someday somehow*
  7. Stop comparing me with somebody else
  8. Its better for me to remain silence than hurting other people eventhough by accident
  9. Everything I do is wrong . I never do the right things
  10. Ignoring me is the most precious thing you've ever done
  11. Thanks a lot
  12. Dont worry , baby . You'll be mine . SOMEDAY SOMEHOW , you will
  13. You never listen
  14. I never ask things that I want . But when I do , you start complaning
  15. I'M HURT