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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things I want to know

  1. Does dinasour really exist ?
  2. What will i do for a living in the future ?
  3. How to know things that i love the most ?
  4. How to be a better person ?
  5. Does my friends really do loves me for who i am ?
  6. Am i a bitch , or it is just you ?
  7. How to be smart when we are not ?
  8. How to discover some new cool things when we are scare to do so ?
  9. How to get a friend or make a friend without hating each other ?
  10. How to stop complaining on what we have and what we don't ?
  11. How to make money without any burden ?
  12. How to change ?
  13. What life will i get sixteen years from know ?
  14. With who am i going to marry ?
  15. What type of guy am i going to marry ?
  16. Is he rich ?
  17. How to know things that we know when we don't know what we know ?
Any additional things will be post next time .

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