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Monday, June 22, 2009


The story begins with this ;

There is a family ; One dad , one mom , four daughters and a son . The name of the dad is Nor ' Azlan . Meanwhile , the mom is Noriza . First daughter is Syafiqah . Then Amirah and next is Athirah ( me ) . Then comes Shakir , the one and only boy . And then Aqilah , the youngest .

Here , now , I want to talk about Syafiqah . Syafiqah was born on 22th May 1990 . No need to grab your calculator , she's now nineteen . She is a very hardworking and intelligent girl . She got an offer to go to her "dream" university which is at Sabah . University Malaysia Sabah to be exact . And for sure she is totally happy . But the thing is , she didn't got the offer to take the subject that she really want and that is Marine Biology . Hmm , but she accept it anyway .

Dia kata dia nak tambah Marine Bio nantii . Hmm , can she can do it because if I'm her , I can't do it . But , I'm pretty sure that she can . Hah ! Apa ni , tak sure lepas tu sure . Haha , Sure sure . Confirm sure ! Kakak boleh punyaa . Dia pergi check in this 27th ohh , Sedih jeee . Hmm .

And to kakak , I just want you to know that I'm very proud of you . You're my idol , sis . I love you and I'll miss you .. Take care of yourself there . (;


  1. adeh..
    x komen g keh?
    saje belek2 lame nye post..
    sure ta prasan ade komen nih..

    this post is posted on 22.6.2009

    today is 6.9.2009..
    bwat r cite latest lak..


  2. HELLO , siapa yang tak perasan tu ? Mesti lu kan ?