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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Boredome :DD

Oke , here's the thing . These dudes and babes means a lot to me . I love them so f*ck*ng d*mn super p*g much . They just complete my life perfectly . (:

Oke , His name is Akmal Haziq . He's cute and kind . He's my best friend's brother . He's currently stay at Wangsa Maju . He's now studying at Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Abdullah ; as known as SEMESTA , which is at Pahang . He was born on the 18th March . He's intelligent and yet he's friendly . And the most important thing is , I LOVE HIM ! Hee , :DD

This is Nadirah Yazmin . She is Akmal Haziq's sister . And yes she is my BEST FRIEND . Nadirah Yazmin was born on the 2nd of August . She is kind and intelligent . She is now studying at Sekolah Menengah Lembah Keramat , which is at Keramat AU4 . She is an account student . She is friendly and I LOVE HER . (:

Her name is Siti Nor Hajar . She was born on 16th April . She is ALWAYS by my side when I need someone to talk to . She's one of a kind person . She laugh so badly , like there's only a person in this planet , and that is her . She hates whoever she want . She is a hardworking girl but she's easy to give up . She talks a lot , but I LOVE HER . (:

Adibah and Amirah Hameizah . Ya Allah . I LOVE THEM from the bottom top of my heart . Amirah Hameizah is my pet-sister . She's kind , friendly , and pretty . She was born on the 1995's . I miss her , and I miss us . The old us . Adibah is actually my pal . She's totally kind and friendly . I never have a pal like her . Adibah is also Amirah Hameizah's cousins . They're pretty close . Adibah and Amirah Hameizah will be always in my heart . I just love them like I love my family . (:

Ozirozirozir . He's the best pet-brother ever . He's kind , smart and loveable . Haha , He was born on July 1992 . I miss him . He is always be there for me . I LOVE HIM so much . (:

Nur Raihan and Nur Raihanah Rusli . They're my BEST FRIENDS FOREVER . They're the best twins ever and they're both gorgeous . They currently lived at Melawati and they're studying at SMK Taman Melawati , Gombak . And last but not least , I LOVE THEM forever ! (:


  1. hey err,si Raihan dan Raihanah ada myspace ke?

  2. kak ati , raihan and raihana tue kembar ke ? cute ouh . haha . =)

  3. Sarah . Yes , they're twins and yet , yes they're both cute (: